Blowing into a sensor results in various patterns of sound and light, determined by the strength of the breath.

Created as part of Crossing a project by Unconscious Collective

CROSSING is a 200km multi-site lighting and media installation which offers a post-secular pilgrimage through the Tasmanian midlands from 13-18 June during Dark Mofo 2017.

The crossing of land in pilgrimage is found in almost all spiritual traditions, whether as a journey to sites of spiritual significance, or as an opportunity for reflection and enlightenment. What paths might a contemporary seeker follow in an increasingly secular society, where are their sacred sites and rituals, and what is the role of churches in lighting the way?

To explore these questions, six roadside churches between Launceston and Hobart will be progressively illuminated by lighting artist Matt Adey, with each launched by a musical performance composed by Miles Brown for church organ and theremin.

There will also be multimedia installations by artists Matt Warren, Gail Priest, and Dylan Sheridan which explore elemental aspects of spirituality.

The journey begins in Launceston at Pilgrim Uniting Church on Tuesday 13 June with an exclusive Australian performance featuring renowned Berlin-based musical duo Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke

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